A Final Comment

       In 1963, Geraldine Javor, then a reporter for the Plain Dealer, was assigned to do a series on the city's ethnic groups. When it came to detailing Irish accomplishment and outstanding Irish citizens, she all but gave up. Apologizing for her omissions, she listed nearly 1,000 names of then current prominent Cleveland Irishmen. Among those named were captains of industry, outstanding civic and religious leaders, plus equal numbers of men of science, of the legal and medical professions, and of the arts and athletic world. Being young and from an East Side Hungarian background, it was understandable she would list the Tom Pattons of the Republic Steels, rather than the Coal Oil Mastersons of the docks, not to mention such other worthy Cleveland Irishmen as Nuisance Adams, Jap Austin, Fullweight Bonham, Angel Chambers, Cheesy Dugan, Stinky Fay, Doughnuts Gallagher, Bow Wow Gorman, Head-and-a-Half Holmes, Bumble Bee Kilbane, Rabbi Mangan, Blinky Morgan, Plaster Mullen, Tombstone Murphy, Giggles McDermott ' Pickles O'Donnell, Girlie McGinty, Mickey-the-Buzz McNalley, Tougher Patton, Gamey Ryan, Shirt Stanton, Frog Walker or Pig Ears Wainwright.

       Those gentlemen will have their day, however; of that I am sure.