Extracts from diverse documents: marriage contract, battle formations, and other curiosities

Conge Absolu (Leave of Absence) signed by Lafayette as Commander of the French National Guard (Guarde Nationale Parisienne). (Reel #6) The Declaration of the Rights of Man in Lafayette's handwriting, July 11, 1789. (Reel 6, Folder 74 Bis).
A letter from the French Ministry of War concerning Lafayette's pension. (Reel #6). "The Private Life of the Marquis de Lafayette," An anonymous pamphlet denouncing Lafayette, written by an absolute monarchist, printed in St. Roch, 1790. (Pamphlet anonyme 1790, imprime au district de St-Roch (auteur un monarchiste absolu), "Vie privée du Marquis de Lafayette, Général des Bleuts.) (Reel 6, Folder 74C).
The first page of Lafayette's marriage contract, notarized by Laidequive, 1773. (Contrat de Mariage de Monsieur Le Marquis de La Fayette Avec Mademoiselle de Noailles, Passé devant Laidequive, Notaire, 1773.) The entire marriage contract is included in the microfilm collection. Passport issued to Anastasie Louise, Lafayette's daughter; 3rd year of the French Republic, 1794. ( Reel #53).
An early printing of the Declaration of the Rights of Man, July 11, 1789. (Premiere Déclaration Européenne Des Droits De L'Homme Et Des Citoyens) A page from the Royal School of Cavalry, Course in Military Horsemanship, showing a formation of a regiment of horsemen, and a parallel line in front of the enemy. (Ecole Royale de Cavalerie: Cours D'Equitation Militaire: Formation D'un Regiment De Chasseurs: Ligne parallel au front de l'ennemi.) (Reel #53)

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