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Thanks to the following staff members, who have helped create and operate the new Special Collections room, the Cleveland Digital Library and the Cleveland Memory Project. While we have attempted to acknowledge their contributions in the "Credits" sections of most of our web sites, much will be overlooked and so they deserve a big collective "THANK YOU!" for all their efforts.

William Barrow (1994- ) - Our Fearless Leader.

Bill Becker (1974- ) - University Archivist and Proud Pappa of

Thealexa, "Our Littlest Docent," who's many pictures have graced the Press Collection for so long that she should be on the payroll.

Joe Juratovac (2001- ) - Guardian of N&SS RR history.

Scott Ling (2001- ) - Resident photography archivist and Sinologist.

Ailing Ngu (2001- ) - How fast she's learned all about the Terminal Tower!

Becky Ranallo (2002- ) - Her Kent State library school practicum project supports the
Cuyahoga Historic Atlas Project

Ravichand Survarnakanti (2002- ) - Ravi is getting a cram course in local civil engineering history, working on Watson projects.

Trinatha Ventrapragda (2002- )- Tri's working on Cleveland Union Terminal electrification drawings from the 1920s. Coincidentally, he's an electrical engineering student. Tri and Ravi are coincidentally from the same city in India.

Suzanne Adams, Allen Clark, Wylean Darden, Deven Jatkar, Heather Masser and 8 of the library school practicum students and volunteers: Teresa Calderone, Karen Cuiskelly, Jane Dempsey, Karen Edwards, Christine Liebson, Heather Maltonic, Cheryl Mullins and Molly Snider.

They've left the nest, but their work lives on

Michael Cikraji (1998-1999) and his girlfriend Anna.
Mike was the Cleveland Press Collection graduate assistant for 1998/1999. Favorate story about Mike? He once spent weeks carefully indexing an electronic book, only to have his whole computer stolen just after finishing. No backup, of course.

Motherhood calls!

The Wise and Wonderful Netty (1998-2003)
aka Jeanette Gabre

They're Coming to Take Her Away!

One more shot

Ilka Gordon (1999-2000)
Ilka prepared the wonderful exhibit "Defying Destruction" for the Scholars & Artists reception in Special Collections as part of her Kent State library school practicum.

Jeanne Figueira Grossetti (1999)
Jeanne was responsible for the wonderful "Cleveland's First Infrastructure" and "Annals of Cleveland" sites.

Jonetha Jackson (1998-2001) & Jonathan Hodges (1998-2001). Two long-term members of our staff, recently graduated to the "real world." Good luck!

Since Jonetha was with us for so long, she deserves her own photo.
(On the left is her son, Alex, and the other lad is her nephew, Deshawn)

Mumtaz Mesania (2000) Imported talent from Brazil. Here she is in Pittsburgh

Shelia Harris, who was the first of the students working on digital library projects (1997-98) and probably the only Clevelander in recent memory to have actually read, while doing her work, all of Whittlesey's Early History of Cleveland (she was not a history major).

(L) Patrick LeClair (1998-99) and wife Linn kneeling before the Dovregubben Troll in North Norway.
(R) U. S. Army Armor Crewman, Fort Irwin, California.
Patrick processed the hundreds of Cleveland Union Terminal Collection blueprints under a grant from the John P. Murphy Foundation.

Bob McDonald (1998-99), in his disguise as Caldron Sports Editor.

Sherry Maruna (1999), our "Stealth Employee," and the Fam

Joe Mellott (1999) on his wedding day last year, with new wife Jennifer.
His KSU practicum project helped us bring order to the new reading room policies.

Jeff Mickol (2000- ) "If it wasn't for those patrons, a fellow could get some sleep."

Maribel Reyes (1999-2000) brought her artistic skills and great work ethic to many of our recent web sites before graduation happened (pictured) and the Real World claimed her.

Jennifer Schiff (2000) Went from our Watson Bridge Book Collection project to working on the archives of the U.S.S. Monitor, at the Mariner's Museum in Newport News, VA. From the photo you can see that all archives essentially look the same.

Tanya Tahsler (1999-2000) and her favorite star.They're Coming to Take Her Away!

Later we saw her engagement photo in the paper... congratulations!

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