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Cuyahoga River, Monroe Falls, O.

Near [Warren], Upper Reservoir

Canal Aqueduct, Peninsula, O. (1)

Feeder Near 'Young's' (2)

Old Mill, Peninsula, O.

Cuyahoga River, Gaylord's Grove (2)

(no information)


(no information)

Old Saw Mill at Steel Bridge, Near Cuyahoga Falls (2)


1 Note the water leaking from the canal viaduct as it passes over the river.

2 We've received the following information from a Munroe Falls Historical Society member, on 4/23/03:
The first photo is the bridge on SR 91 over the Cuyahoga River in Munroe Falls. Not Monroe Falls, that is a common mistake. This particular bridge is not there anymore, of course, but there are other pictures of the same bridge at the Munroe Falls Historical Society's museum. One of the photos has the caption: "Gaylord's Grove" The Gaylords were one of the earliest families in Munroe Falls and owned quite a bit of the land along the river. Again, the museum would have supporting documentation. In the living room with the tiger skin rug there are pictures on the wall that look like they could be of the dam on the river in Munroe Falls, but that's a stretch. I could not guess whether or not the people in the pictures are Gaylords, or some other Munroe Falls family, but it is at least a possibility, especially since the writing on the pictures identifies areas both upstream and downstream of Munroe Falls. "Feeder near Young's" I believe pertains to part of the canal near Young's Restaurant which still exists on South Main St. in the Portage Lakes area*. The very last picture in the series looks like a bridge that still exists on Middlbury Road in Kent off of SR 261. I think the bridge may be replaced soon, so better hurry if you want to get a look.

We should add that the spelling of Monroe Falls shown here is how it appeared in the album, so the mistake is original to the book. We welcome any more comments or identifications about this album. Someone contacted us a couple of years ago with a lead to how the album came on the market, but never called back, alas.

* We received further clarification on the "Feeder near Young's" photo on 7/25/05:
From your "Mystery Photo Album" a viewer noted that "Feeder near Youngs" refered to Youngs Restaurant -- this is correct but it is located at the intersection of Manchester Road and Carnegie Avenue. This is where the Ohio canal joins Portage Lakes.




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