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Old Mill, Johnston's Corners, 9/19/97 (1)

Bridge near Akron, 9/5/97, Cuyahoga River

Boston, O., 9/5/97, Cuyahoga River

Kent, O., Cuyahoga River (2)

Near Kent, Cuyahoga River

On Mr. White's Farm, 9/23/97

Road "While [?]," 9/23/97

Bossy Cow


Near Old Portage, O.

1 We have received information that Johnson's Corners (note spelling difference) was the intersection of old Route 5 (later 585) and the east-west road just west of Barberton (don't know name or number); it appeared on maps long after Barberton had become a lot bigger and presumably swallowed it up. Our thanks for that information and we welcome any other contributions.

2A correspondent wrote to us on July 3, 2007 to say: Concerning your "Mystery Photo Album:" On page two, photo 15, labeled as "Kent, Oh." I thought I would add some clarification on it. What you've got is a shot looking towards downtown Kent - in the very center, you can see the waterfall and Haymaker bridge right above it. On the left, nearly hidden by the trees and just to the right of the smokestack is the steeple for what I believe is the Episcopalian church. Because the pictures appears to have been taken from the middle of the Cuyahoga, I believe that it may have been taken from a bridge that was torn down in the late 1800s or early 1900s (the historical society may know better than I will). However, if you walk the path along the river in Kent, you can still see the foundations for that bridge on either side of the Cuyahoga.... Your site is amazing, by the way. Native of Kent, now live in Cleveland - it's great to see the history of my new home. Thanks for all your work! Thank you for the information and the praise. We enjoy doing this, especially when we gain the help of knowledgeable folks like you.



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