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* 1828, Jan. 1 through Dec. 31 *
Cleveland Herald

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Abstract 26 - H[erald] Jan. 18:3/3

The late rains have injured the canal considerably between this place and Akron, and according to an estimate of the resident engineer the first ten miles from the lake can be repaired for $1,500. (2)

Abstract 27 - H Jan. 25:3/1

An intelligent engineer with whom we have conversed and who has examined the canal from Akron to this place is of the opinion that the canal can be placed in the same condition it was in before the freshet for considerably less than $10,000, the previous estimate. (3)

Abstract 28 - H Feb. 1; adv:3/6

Notice is hereby given that written proposals will be received until the sixth day of February next for permanently repairing the line of the canal in places where it has been injured by the late flood between Akron and Cleaveland. They may be left at either of the said places or with either of the engineers. Alfred Kelley, acting commissioner; Richard Howe, Frances Cleveland, engineers.(5)

Abstract 29 - H Feb. 8; ed:3/3

We learn from the report of the directors of the Louisville and Portland Canal co. that the canal round the falls of the Ohio has not progressed so rapidly, and it is probable that it will require another season to finish it.

"Its ultimate completion is not, however, in the least doubted." (2)

Abstract 30 - H Feb. 15:3/3,4

Alfred Delley, reporting on the damage to the canal by the recent floods, says that the damage is less than $6,000, and that a further expenditure of about the same sum will be required to prevent a repetition of a similar occurrence in the event of such an extraordinary flood in the future, by raising the guard banks at the exposed points.(5)

Abstract 31 - H Feb. 15; adv:3/5

For Sale - A substantial, well-built canal boat, nearly new, calculated for freight and passage with an entire suite of furniture throughout. She will be sold low for cash or approved paper, and four or five good horses taken in part payment. Kelley and Lemen. (2)

Abstract 32 - H Feb. 22; adv:3/5

Notice! All persons who have performed labor upon the Ohio canal under Phineas Gage and who have any demand against Gage's estate, which the holder thereof conceives is in any way secured by any undertaking or engagement of Alfred Kelley, acting canal commissioner, will please present the same within 30 days to Alonzo Carter, administrator. Cleaveland, Feb. 15, 1828.(4)

Abstract 33 - H Mar. 21; adv:3/6

Draw Bridge Across the Canal at Cleaveland. Proposals will be received until Apr. 2 for building a draw bridge across the canal near the head of the upper sloop lock at the crossing of Vineyard lane.

A plan and model may be seen at the engineer's office. Proposals may be left at said office until Mar. 31, or at Akron until Apr. 2. The work is to be finished by June 1. Alfred Kelley, acting commissioner. (5)

Abstract 34 - H Apr. 25:3/2

The water was let into the canal the latter part of last week and the boats have started operating. We learn from Captain Leet of the PIONEER that the canal is in excellent order for boating.(3)

Abstract 35 - H Apr. 25; adv:3/5

Proposals Is will be received until Apr. 30 for the delivery of 30 white or red oak-red elm or black piles, at each of the locks from lock No. 17 to lock No. 42 inclusive, except locks Nos. 28, 29, 30, 35, 36, and 14. The piles are to be 12 feet long and not less than nine, nor more than 12 inches in diameter. Alfred Kelley, acting commissioner. (2)

Abstract 36 - H May 9; ed:3/1,2

What has become of the bill appropriating 500,000 acres of land to aid in the construction of our canals?

"We want the bill passed into a law. We clame (sic) it as a right. A similar grant was made last year, to each of the States of Indiana and Illinois, to aid in constructing Canals in those States; and we know of no reason why Ohio is not entitled to a similar grant... Last year, when the friends of the administration had a majority in Congress, the States of Indiana and Illinois had no difficulty in obtaining liberal donations of public lands for the purpose of constructing Canals; and if our application should now fail, the people of Ohio will justly attribute the failure to the party which now boasts of having a majority in both branches of the national legislature."

Abstract 37 - H May 23:3/1

The canal from this place to Akron is in the best order for navigation and boats pass daily between the two points. The time occupied by boats in passing from Cleaveland to Akron is from 15 to 20 hours. (2)

Abstract 38 - H June 6; ed:3/2,3

The bill to aid the state of Ohio in extending the Miami canal has passed the House of Representatives; but the bill making a donation of half a million acres to the state for the purpose of aiding in the construction of both canals, has been twice rejected.

"The rejection of this bill is a circumstance much to be regretted by the people of Ohio; but we cannot accord with Mr. Stanberry in the opinion, that the work on our Canals will be in any danger of being suspended in consequence of its rejection. On the contrary the judgment, patriotism and enterprise of the citizens of this State, are, we think, a sure guarantee that the Canals, so far as they are at present authorized by law, will be speedily completed, whether Congress shall lend us assistance or not."

Abstract 39 - H June 6; adv:3/4

Notice! The subscriber will start a boat from Cleaveland for Akron, and also one from Akron for Cleaveland, every day in the week, Sundays excepted. His line consists of the CANTON, Captain Bremigam; the SUN, Captain Munson; and the STATE OF OHIO, Captain Wheeler.

For freight or passage apply to the masters on board, or to the subscriber at his warehouse, foot of Superior st. on the river. John Blair. (4)

Abstract 40 - H Aug. 1:3/1

In consequence of the completion of lock No. 43, boats were permitted to pass from the canal to the river on July 29, through a temporary side cut from Merwin's basin. Canal boats can now load and unload at the wharves, by which means the heavy expense heretofore incurred at this village in transporting property to and from the canal by land will be saved. (2)

Abstract 41 - H Aug. 15:3/1

The water from the Tuscarawas river was let into the Portage summit on the first instant, and it is expected that boats will be able to pass from Akron to Massillon during the coming week. (verbatim) (1)

Abstract 42 - H Sept. 12:3/1

The Ohio canal is now in fine order for navigation from this place to Massillon, a distance of 66 miles. The boats ALLEN TRIMBLE and OHIO have reached this place laden with the produce of the interior. The other boats have made several trips to Stark county, returning with large cargoes of produce from that section.

Abstract 43 - H Sept. 12:3/1

The canal boat OHIO arrived at this place from Massillon on Wednesday last with a cargo of 300 barrels of flour; being 40 barrels more than had previously been conveyed on board any single boat on the Ohio canal at one time.

Abstract 44 - H Oct. 30; adv:3/4

Laborers wanted on lockpit No. 44, Cleaveland.

Good wages will be given for 20 good, industrious men. The work will be dry.

Apply to J. A. Ackley on the work.(verbatim)(1)

Abstract 45 - H Dec. 25:3/3

The ice having closed the navigation on the canal, we publish below an account of the articles transported upon it during the season up to Dec. 1, by which it will appear that the business has more than doubled since last year.

The articles conveyed northward included 9,882 barrels flour; 1,041 barrels whiskey; 184 barrels beef; 532 barrels pork; 276 barrels linseed oil; 45 cords fire-wood; 42,000 shingles; 31,249 feet lumber; 2,977 feet timber; 78 perch stone; 60,000 staves and heading; 29,721 miles passengers conveyed; 82 casks pot and pearl ashes; 42 hogsheads tobacco; 1,607 kegs butter; 951 casks cheese; 5,021 bushels mineral coal; 86 kegs and 28 barrels lard; 124 casks hams; five and three-quarter tons furniture; 40-1/4 tons grindstones, and 71-1/2 tons other articles on which toll is charged by weight.

There were also transported northward for the sloop locks at Cleaveland, 103 scow loads of stone.

The southward movement included 5,587 barrels salt; 1,395 barrels fish; eight pair millstones; 359,000 shingles; 7,813 feet lumber; 514 tons merchandise; 20 tons pig and scrap iron; 25 tons gypsum; 28 tons furniture, and 96 tons other articles on which toll is charged by weight.

We have been unable to obtain an account of the passengers transported southward on the canal: but the travel on canal boats in that direction has been much greater than towards the lake; probably in the proportion of 3 to 1.

(From Annals of Cleveland - 1818-1935, Volume XI (1828), pages 170 through 176. Cleveland: Cleveland WPA. 1937.)

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