Abstracts Concerning Canals

* 1829, Jan. 1 through Dec. 31 *
Cleveland Herald

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* Digitized Material *

Abstract 30 - H[erald] Feb. 5; adv:3/6

Valuable Water Privileges For Sale on The Ohio Canal. Part of the water power created by the Ohio Canal, at Cleaveland, and at Akron, will be offered at public sale at Cleaveland, on the 11th day of April, and at Akron on the 14th day of April next.

A more particular description of the privileges offered and of the terms, will be made known at the times and places of sale. Alfred Kelley, Acting Com'r. Ohio Canal. (6)

Abstract 31 - H Mar. 19; ed:3/1

"The State of Ohio has borrowed $5,OOO,OOO to construct her Canals, and it is supposed she will require a few additional millions. Capital is not wanting for a good investment."

"The above article has been travelling the rounds for several weeks. We know not where it originated; but it is pretty essentially erroneous. The amount of all the loans made for the construction of our Canals, is less than four millions of dollars - the exact sum, we believe, is $3,800,000." (3)

Abstract 32 - H Mar. 26; adv:3/3

Notice. An impression seems to prevail that the water power at Cleaveland and at Akron will not be sold, in consequence of the postponement of the bill before the last General Assembly which (among other things) provided for an absolute sale in fee simple of a certain proportion of the surplus water of the canals. This is erroneous. - Sales will take place as, previously advertised. Alfred Kelley, Acting Commissioner. (3)

Abstract 33 - H Apr. 9:3/2

We are informed that orders have been given by Mr. Kelley, acting canal commissioner, to fill the levels previous to Apr. 11, on which day the water power derived from the Ohio canal at this place, is to be sold. (1)

Abstract 34 - H Apr. 16; adv:3/4

Labourers Wanted. From 15 to 20 labourers will find immediate employ on the public works at the entrance of the harbour at this place. Stephen Woolverton, Superintendant. (1)

Abstract 35 - H Apr. 16; adv:3/4

Labourers Wanted. I want to hire 40 good hands to work, on Lockpit No. 44, until completed, to commence immediately. John A. Ackley. (1)

Abstract 36 - H April 23; adv:3/6

Labourers Wanted on the Ohio Canal. Two hundred laborours - good wages. Sweet & Wood. (1)

Abstract 37 - H May 14; adv:3/5

$14 a Month, will be given for labourers, on Lock No. 44, at Cleaveland, work dry, and good fare. John A. Ackley. (1)

Abstract 38 - H June 25; ed:3/1

The Welland canal will be of incalculable benefit to Montreal and the people of its vicinity. These, however, will not be the only people to be benefited by this canal.

In 1831 the Ohio canal will be completed. "Ohio and Michigan will then have three of the best markets in North America; New Orleans, New York, and Montreal by the Welland Canal, between which a sort of rivalship must exist, which will tend to enhance the price of produce; In fact New York seems to foresee the result, which her projected Rail Road from the Hudson to the Missouri will show. But we are by no means opposed to it." (7)

(From Annals of Cleveland - 1818-1935, Volume XII (1829), pages 7 and 8. Cleveland: Cleveland WPA. 1937.)

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