Introductory Material from the Annals
1826, 1827 and 1828 (Cleveland Herald)

The following material replicates, as closely as practical in a digital format, the original text of the Annals of Cleveland, produced during the late 1930s. To view graphic examples of pages from the printed volumes, select "Example" for each heading below. [Note: examples are taken from Volumes VI, VII, VIII, 1823, 1824 and 1825, Herald.]

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Annals of Cleveland 1818 1935
A Digest and Index of the Newspaper Record of Events and Opinions in
Two Hundred Volumes.
Written, edited, and multigraphed by the workers of Project No. 16823
District four, Cleveland
under the administration of :
Joseph H. Alexander, WPA District Director
Marion F. Wilson, Supervisor Division of Women's and Professional
Project Superintendent:Elwood Salsbury
Official Sponsor:Donald Lybarger, County Recorder
Technical Advisers:Robert C. Binkley, Chairman
Joint Committee on Materials for
Research of the Social Science
Research Council and the
American Council of Learned Societies.
Arthur C. Cole, Editor,
Other Members of the faculty of
Western Reserve University

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A Digest and Index of the Newspaper Record of Events and Opinions

1826, 1827, 1828

Volume IX, X, XI

Abstracted principally from the files of the Cleveland Herald by:

F. Hammerle

W. Kenney

F. Lyman

J. McGee

B. Winslow

Multigraphed by the Cleveland

WPA Project 16823

Cleveland, Ohio


Distributed by the Cleveland Public Library

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Table of Contents

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IntroductionI -II
1826 Classification ListsIII
1826 Abstracts1 - 74
1827 Classification Lists75 - 76
1827 Abstracts77 - 163
1828 Classification Lists165 - 166
1828 Abstracts167 - 258
1826 Chronological Index259 - 260
1827 Chronological Index261 - 264
1828 Chronological Index265 - 267
Subject Heading and Proper Names Index269 - 307

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In the ANNALS OF CLEVELAND, an attempt is made to answer a need long felt by scholars; that of preserving and making readily accessible the detailed record of a city's life and culture as contained in its newspapers. The Annals are to be set of at least one volume per year, covering the 1818 1935 and including an abstract of every newspaper story that had recorded a local event or expressed a local opinion. Abstracts are filed chronologically under subject headings alphabetically ordered. The abstracts thus arranges are numbered consecutively. A chronological index brings together by number all abstracts from the newspaper of a given date, and a proper names and subject heading index offers an additional check.

The editors have sought to preserve and arrange in this series information that is nowhere else available and readily subject to control. To avoid duplication they have concentrated their efforts on one major newspaper file - the principal one for the period. This method of work leaves our of account the diversities of opinion expressed by others newspapers. In the hope that the other files may be covered in respect of opinions there expressed, the present volume is numbered Part I. Part II, when and as produced, will complete the presentation of opinion from the other sources.

The file of the Cleveland HERALD has been used in preparation of this volume. Until September of 1826, Z. Wiles was the editor of the HERALD. From that date until December of 1828, the editor was Jewett Prime after which Willes again assumed the editorship, this time assisted by John R. St. John.

Reference Line - H Dec. 5; ed:2/1 indicates that the article following this reference was an editorial taken from the HERALD of Dec. 5, page two, column one. An "adv" in the reference line indicates that the abstract was made from an advertisement. The number in parenthesis at the end of the abstract indicated the number of inches in the original newspaper article.

Newspaper files used in abstracting were available through the courtesy of Mr. Wallace Cathcart, of Western Reserve Historical Society, Miss Linda Eastman, of the Cleveland Public Library, the Cleveland City Council, Mr. Louis Seltzer of the Cleveland PRESS, and Mr. Earle Martin of the Cleveland NEWS. Miss Marilla Freeman and MR. William Lippert of the Cleveland Public Library and the City Clerk's Office have been of great assistance.

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(From Annals of Cleveland - 1818-1935, Volume IX, X and XI (1826, 1827 and 1828). Cleveland: Cleveland WPA. 1938.)

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