This book is written in memory of Dr. Jerry Wolkoff, a longtime Beachwood resident that demonstrated the outstanding qualities necessary to being a great doctor and father.



Without question my wife Glo and my son Matthew have both felt the pain and joy of this project, and I thank them for their love and support.

Longtime Beachwood resident Larry Gordon provided an abundance of research information and guidance.

This book could not have happened without the enthusiasm of Les Giesler, a former Beachwood resident. Les grew up in Beachwood in the 1940's. A special thanks to Merle Wascko, who grew up in Beachwood in the 1930's. Merle provided numerous incites into Beachwood's past.

A thank you is in order to John Hexter, James Heller, Darrell Young and Ron White for their individual but team-spirited support.

A special thank you to my parents, Morton and Sylvia, who endured many unique events with me and introduced me to Miss Ilo Forte, my fourth and fifth grade teacher. She taught me the importance of reading and writing.

Finally, a special thank you to the financial sponsors of this project. Whether they were a small business or a large corporation their decision to support this project came from their individual leadership. Those leaders know the value and the importance of documenting history.