By Darrell A.Young

The city fathers have been called visionaries. The city has been studied by architects, planners, engineers and the like from all over the country. What is it about Beachwood that has attracted so much attention?

To be certain, there is something magical that has taken place over the last 80 years in Beachwood and Jeffrey Morris has finally documented the historical blueprint from which we can study and learn. This book is the first opportunity to understand our heritage and to delve into the intellect that forged this wonderful community.

The community that exists today as Beachwood is the product of decades of hard work, sacrifice, vision, risk and leadership of dedicated community servants, elected and otherwise, who wanted to build a better place to live, work and educate their families Success rarely comes without failure, controversy, disagreement and clearly the community has had to endure more than its share of public scrutiny and criticism. But the magic of Beachwood, its people, and their unique commitment and devotion to their city, irrespective of their point of view, continues to focus on how to improve the quality of life not only for the residents, but for those who work there as well.

Jeff Morris' examination of Beachwood shows that the community has achieved exceptional safety forces, schools, libraries, work environments, lodging, recreational facilities, housing, shopping, and community services. Beachwood is not only a wonderful residential community, but also a destination location for thousands of people who rely on the community at large on a daily basis to make their visit comfortable, productive and safe. And this historically presented blueprint will surely open your eyes and mind.

Beechwood, The Book is an intriguing look at where the city has been, but there is so much more to come. Enjoy learning about the first 80 years and dream about the next 80 years and how the magic will continue.