Beechwood, The Book

About The Front Cover

This picture was taken on the front steps of the Beechwood Schoolhouse, later known as the Fairmount School building in 1933.

(L to R) Front row: Jack Thomson, Nancy Thomas, James Fisher, Lenore Taylor, Junior Jedlicka.

Middle row: Allene Denny, Donald Marous, Ruth Richardson, Jeanette Behm, Norma Behm,

Back row: Leonard Rau, Teacher Miss Smith, Al Root.

About the Back Cover

This photo was taken in July of 1997. All of these children live within 10 houses of each other on East Groveland Rd. Most of these children attended school in the same schoolhouse as the children on the front cover.

(L to R) Front row, Alex Somogyi, Kyle Cohen, Alyssa Levy

Middle row: Josh Blankfeld, Eric Blankfeld, Andrew Somogyi, Sammy Goldman, Molly Goldman.

Third row: Saree Leimsieder, Zach Rosenberg, Leesa Leimsieder, Matthew Morris, Anna Zhabotinsky, Michael Goldman.

Back row: Neil Malkin, Danny Shapiro.


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