As is obvious from the text, much of this history of Cuyahoga County hangings is culled from relevant newspaper accounts of the 19th century, Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court records and myriad details gleaned from several decades of desultory reading in books pertaining to Cleveland and northeast Ohio. Newspaper resources include: Cleveland Herald, Cleveland Leader, The Plain Dealer and Cleveland Press. Other sources especially consulted include:

  • Borowitz, Albert. "The Fatal Charm of Tamzen Parsons," Western Reserve Magazine, Vol. 35, (February, 1989)

  • Condon, George. Cleveland: The Best Kept Secret. 1967.

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It would be an unseemly and entirely false modesty to omit three volumes by the author, all of which chronicle relevant hangings, and two of which include fuller accounts of the deeds and deaths of Dr. John W. Hughes and Charles McGill. They are all published by Gray & Co. and include:

  • Bellamy, John Stark, II. They Died Crawling and Other Tales of Cleveland Woe. 1995.

  • Bellamy, John Stark, II. The Maniac in the Bushes and More Tales of Cleveland Woe.1997.

  • Bellamy, John Stark, II. The Corpse in the Cellar and Further Tales of Cleveland Woe. 2000.


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