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Samuel J. Tamburro

copyright 1997 Samuel J. Tamburro


A research project funded by an Urban University Project grant and the University of Akron's Department of History.


September 1997



I would like to extend my gratitude to the University of Akron, Department of History and the Urban University Project program for providing funding for this research. I also would like to thank Dr. Elizabeth Mancke, Dr. Lynn Metzger, and Dr. Jim Ross for allowing me to be involved in such an ambitious and perceptive project. I hope the constructive work we began this summer will continue to expand in the future.





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Dissertations and Theses




This bibliography began as an Urban University Project to access the primary source materials extant on the Ohio & Erie Canal. As the search progressed, it became apparent that no reference guide existed that listed the primary or secondary sources for the Ohio & Erie Canal or any other Ohio canal. Throughout my research, I was encouraged by Dr. Elizabeth Mancke and Dr. Lynn Metzger, project advisors, to expand my scope to include secondary sources of other states canal systems and to find studies that placed the Ohio & Erie Canal and other Ohio canals into a larger "Transportation Revolution" context. Our goal was to produce a bibliography that would serve as a scholarly reference guide to Ohio canals where none previously existed. I believe we have succeeded.

The major objective was to discern what primary source materials exist for the Ohio & Erie Canal. As you will discover, there are rich historical resources in both the Ohio Historical Society and the Western Reserve Historical Society. I have also included the Barberton Public Library and Stark and Wayne County Historical Societies because of their copious files of newspaper clippings. A vertical file of clipped newspaper articles can save a researcher hours, if not days, of endless searching through rolls of microfilm.

Time restraints limited the scope of materials included in the bibliography. Along with the Ohio canal systems, I incorporated information on canals in New York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and the Old Northwest (Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin). With the exception of the primary source section for Ohio, all of the works cited are secondary and are accessible at the University of Akron's Bierce Library or through Ohio Link's inter-library loan.

It was also necessary to limit the type of entries included in the bibliography. I used judicious discretion in citing engineering studies about canals while listing nearly all of the works available on the social impacts of canals. With regard to periodicals, I decided not to include the Canal Society of Ohio's Towpaths or the American Canal Society's American Canals. Although both contain useful information, their distribution range is limited, which makes access for researchers difficult. Many of the journals cited are subscribed to by most major research libraries and are readily available.

Finally, this compilation is by no means a definitive bibliography of the Ohio & Erie or any other canal system. But, I hope my research will aid scholars, students, researchers, and other individuals who seek additional information concerning canals. There may be a future opportunity to revise and expand this study to include other historical repositories as well as an index with cross-referencing and limited annotation. I truly hope this revision occurs, but until then, enjoy the following information.

Sam Tamburro
Painesville, Ohio


The Barberton Public Library
602 West Park Avenue
Barberton, Ohio 44203

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The Ohio room of the Barberton Library includes a bound collection of newspaper article relating to the Ohio & Erie Canal at the turn of the century. There is also a vertical file tracing the history of the Ohio & Erie Canal Corridor.

1982 Velma Road
Columbus, Ohio 43211


Barker, Jacob A. (1779-1871). Papers 1835-1860. Lawyer and Land speculator in Toledo, Ohio and was related to the development of the Miami & Erie Canal. MSS #50.

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Gest, Erasmus. (1820-1908). Surveyor, engineer, and railroad magnet. Business and personal correspondence, primarily incoming. Engineering reports of trains and railroads in Ohio, scaled drawing of the Pennsylvania Canal, Journals and diaries of trips. MSS #35

Howe, Richard (1799-1872) Papers 1826-1871. Ohio surveyor and civil engineer. Correspondence includes deeds, leases, contract bills, and engineering memos relating to the Ohio & Erie Canal and Howe's personal affairs in Akron. Includes: Abner L Backus, Jacob Blickenderfer, Alfred Kelly, Robert Nugen, and Leader Ransom. MSS #103.

Kelly, Alfred. (1789-1859). Papers 1818-1866. Lawyer, state legislator, and canal commissioner. Mostly family correspondence. Excerpts from family journal. MSS #151.

Kilbourne, James. (1770-1850). Family papers 1802-1906. President of Worthington College, state legislator, and a U.S. Representative from Ohio. Correspondence relating to land transactions, political proceedings, and figures pertaining to the Ohio and Erie Canal. MSS #332.

Kilgore, Daniel. (1793-1851). Papers 1820-1884. Correspondence, receipts, and statements of Cadiz, Ohio. Merchant banker, railroad executive, state legislator. Information regarding financing of the Ohio & Erie Canal. MSS #197.

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Nye, Pearl R. (1872-1950) Papers 1870-1937. Song writer and canal boat captain from Akron, Ohio. Folk songs written and collected by Nye, some of which were sung on the Ohio & Erie Canal. MSS #60

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Ashton and Ewing. Scattered papers. 29 Canal bills of lading from various dates showing the boats material manifest. VFM #1178.

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Canal Letters. (1825-1828) Includes the following: 12 May 1825, from D.B. Douglas, West Point, Ohio to John Bates, Rochester, New York; 16 March 1827 from Thomas Worthington, Adena, Ohio to David S. Bates, Newark, Ohio; 30 June 1828 from D.S. Bates to the Directors of the Louisville & Portland Canal Commission. (3 items). VFM # 2393.

Canal Letters. (1829-1838). Includes the following: 6 February 1836 John Dillon to Alfred Kelly; 28 March 1838 Sam Macracken to Leander Ransom; 15 December 1829 Leander Ransom to Alfred Kelly; 19 January 1834 James Geddes to Alfred Kelly; 28 February 1837 D.H. Beardsley to Leander Ransom. (6 items). VFM #2297.

Canal Letters. Mainly 1830 correspondence regarding the Ohio & Erie Canal to Chillicothe. (27 items). VFM #2417.

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Miami & Erie Canal. Miscellaneous records, 1849-1858. Passenger list of canal boat Indiana 5 October 1849; Measurements of lock 13 1 May 1855; Notification of Curtis Hall of his appointment as acting commissioner in charge of the Northern Division 13 April 1858. VFM #1776.

McLean, Washington. (1819-1890). Letter 30 March 1841 Washington McLean to Robert Buchanan of Cincinnati, President of the Whitewater Canal Company requesting damage claims to the William Berry estate. VFM #556.

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Farmer's Memorandum Book, 1828-1873. Probably a member of the Bowman Family, Stark County, Ohio. Includes notation on the weather 1866-1873 and travel on the Erie Canal and the Ohio & Erie Canal. VOL #1.

Hunter, H.B. Letter copybook 22 May 1852 through 19 March 1856. Daily life in a canal town general store. Includes poetry. VOL #313.

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Tolls on the Ohio Canal. No date. Chart showing the toll charges on the Ohio & Erie Canal for farm products and refined resources as determined by ports of departure and arrival. OVS #1883


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Louis Baus Cleveland Collection. 1177 images regarding Cleveland. Several of the photographs deal with the Ohio & Erie Canal. 11 albums. P-223.

Cleveland Public Library Collection. 71 images of the Ohio & Erie Canal mainly focusing on the Cleveland area. P-141.

Columbus Dispatch Collection. 10 images of the Columbus Feeder and canal boats. P-245.

Silas Martin Collection. Images of Columbus during the Canal Era. P-145.

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The Stark County Historical Society (SCHS)
800 McKinley Monument Drive, Northwest
Canton, Ohio 44708

SCHS Vertical File--Ohio & Erie Canal

Over 60 articles from the Canton Repository regarding the redevelopment of the Ohio & Erie Canal and most date from the mid 1960s to 1990s. Including the following:

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Dredging the Ohio & Erie Canal, 1913. Boat with dredge shovel.

View of Canal Fulton, Ohio.

Canal lock at Navarre, Ohio (Post Card).

Lock 2 at Massillon, Ohio.

Boat Sabrina at Canal Fulton, Ohio.

Ohio & Erie Canal on West Main Street, 1915.

Ohio & Erie Canal during winter in Navarre, Ohio.

Tuscarawas River and the Ohio & Erie Canal.

Photograph of a canal boat (name unknown).


"Ohio Commercial featuring a canal boat"

"St. Helena II Navigation."

"Stark County Story, St. Helena II dedication.

"New Life on the Old Canal"

The Wayne County Historical Society (WCHS)
546 East Bowman Street
Wooster, Ohio 44691


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Western Reserve Historical Society (WRHS)
10825 East Boulevard
Cleveland, Ohio 44106


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Statements of the merits of the Mahoning & Beaver Canal route and the disadvantages of the Sandy & Beaver for a canal. Dated 1835.VF P (filed under the Pennsylvania & Ohio Canal).

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