Unanswered Questions about Cleveland's Past

From time to time we all have moments when we have an memory itch we cannot scratch. Sometimes we have a question about Cleveland (and the Western Reserve region of northern Ohio) that cannot be answered, we think, by normal means of historical research and we wish we could just broadcast our question and hope it hits a sympathetic soul with the correct answer.

In that spirit we at the Cleveland Digital Library are offering this place to post such questions and replies for all to see and comment upon.

If you have such a question, send it to us and, if it's appropriate, we'll post it here. Don't send us your routine homework questions, as that's not what this page is for and, besides, the answer might not be forthcoming anytime soon, if at all. Be sure to indicate in your message that you want it posted here.

Each "thread" below is a separate question from someone and any replies we've received. Check back occasionally to see whether anyone has answered your question, or if someone has posted one you can help with. Thanks!




Question mark graphical icon Mystery Photo Album from the 1890s. Shows the Ohio & Erie Canal and upper Cuyahoga River. (posted 7/8/99).


Question mark graphical icon Where is this boy? Is this even in Cleveland? He wants to know. (posted: 1/1/99)




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