Map of the Western Reserve

including the Fire Lands in Ohio

Here are the other maps published under the title Map of the Western Reserve including the Fire Lands in Ohio. On the basis of title and othe similiarities, I'm assuming that the two by Horace Kingsbury, were part of (or inspirations for) this series. Kingsbury was a silversmith in Painesville, Ohio, who served at various times as mayor and postmaster of that city. The plate for his map was reportedly given to the Western Reserve Historical Society about 1900.*

Subsequent versions of this title were engraved by William Savory, of Pittsburgh ("Savory Pitt"), but the attributed publisher and place of publication varied. This leads me to suspect that Savory used local people to market the map.

There's some debate over whether the correct spelling of his name is Savory or Savery, as some maps are not clearly legible, but the Historic Pittsburgh people were kind enough to send fascimiles of the Harris' Pittsburgh business directory for the year 1837, and the Standard history of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania showing an engraver named William Savory started in 1819 and was in business during the relevant years. That will have to be conclusive unless further evidence is forthcoming.

1820 - Horace Kingsbury. [manuscript map]
(At the Western Reserve Historical Society, in Cleveland, where most editions of this title may be found)

1823 - Horace Kingsbury. Painesville, OH. ("July 4, 1823")

[1825?] - "Pitt, Savery." [manuscript map]
(The Barry MacLean Collection, of Chicago, reports holding an undated manuscript version of this map. "Savery" is their spelling.)

1826 - William Sumner. Nelson, Portage County, OH.

1832 - Allen Taylor. Nelson, Portage County, OH.

1833 - Allen Taylor. Nelson, Portage County, OH.
(Second edition of the 1832 version, as it carries the additional line "Revised and corrected March 1st, 1833")

1837 - Taylor and Company. Pittsburgh, PA.

1843 - Ebenezer Hutchinson. Windsor County, VT.

1850 - Taylor and Company. Pittsburgh, PA.

* Thanks to Carl Engle, of Painesville's Morley Library for information on Horace Kingsbury

Recent auctions have featured maps from this series. A 2006 ebay auction fetched $4,650 for a 1832 Allen Taylor verion, with an attached cover and discoloration on the folds. In 1999 another Allen Taylor version, in poor condition, sold on ebay for $200 and was resold later for substantially more (actual amount reserved). Richard B. Arkway offered another 1832 Allen Taylor map for $6,800 in late 2001 (Catalog #55) and reports selling it, no price disclosed. Meanwhile, on the eWolf auction site an 1826 William Sumner reportedly sold for (ready for this?) $12,270!! The 2006 sale resulted in an 1826 Sumner being offered on ebay, but it's really hard to determine whether it is an original or a reproduction.

See one version of the 1833 map, courtesy of the David Rumsey Collection.

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