Western Reserve Artist

(from his publicity handout

"In 1986 I began working in watercolor compiling about a dozen architectural pieces and an illustrated children's book. My education in art has been a life-long endeavor. Most of my learning in technique and form came from a few good instructors and a lot of personal observation and experimentation. My first commission was in 1982, an architectural piece, and I have continued to work in architectural forms as well as figure studies, and, most recently, landscapes."

"I have been greatly influenced by British watercolor masters of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Layering washes as they did and adding white as a base, or gouache, allows for more depth and range of color and contrast than pieces done in only translucent washes. The integrity of the subjects in my work depends on the strict execution of detail and subtle variations in color and shadow achieved by these methods."

"While the bulk of my work has been architectural themes, I continue to work on pieces involving sports, natural landscapes and gardens and scenes from American life. These pieces are not only intended to be a colorful or tasteful compliment to one's decor, but also art that tells an important story that can be shared."

"My wife and I and our children are privileged to live in the Old Western Reserve, which is comprised of the northeastern counties of Ohio, an area rich in beautiful architecture and history."

Yours in Art and History,

Gary M. Stretar

13128 Chatham Road, Spencer, OH 44275 (330) 648-9439

Cleveland Cartography

June 21, 2003