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Cleveland: Confused City on a Seesaw


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Southwest Corner of Public Square, 1918

Peter Witt

Fred Kohler

Newton D. Baker

William R. Hopkins

Hopkins Airport, 1926

Erie C. Hopwood

Paul Bellamy

W. Burr Gongwer

Maurice Maschke

M. J. Van Sweringen

0. P. Van Sweringen

George H. Bender

Daniel Morgan

Saul S. Danaceau

Ray T. Miller

Alfred A. Benesch

Mrs. Bernice S. Pyke

Harry L. Davis

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Eliot Ness

Harold H. Burton

Great Lakes Expo, 1936

Frank J. Lausche

I. F. Freiberger

John G. Meilink

Thomas A. Burke

Sterling E. Graham

John S. McCarrens

Old Union Depot on Lakefront, 1952

Anthony J. Celebrezze

Louis B. Seltzer

Triple Masthead on Plain Dealer, 1956

Albert S. Porter

Thomas V. H. Vail

Guerdon S. Holden

Terminal Tower Group and Public Square, 1959

First Plain Dealer in 129 days, 1963

Ralph S. Locher

Carl B. Stokes

Howard B. Klein

Ralph J. Perk

Erieview, 1975



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