Gigantic Crusher and spouts feeding it with iron ore from the mine - Escanaba, Mich.

We are on the premises of the Oliver Iron Mining Company at Escanaba (norther Michigan). Here the ore-bearing rock taken from Michigan iron mines is crushed by this powerful machinery to get it into shape so it can be handled more easily and with greater economy of space. The economic importance of the process can be inferred from the fact that the company spends $2,000,000 just to install the plant, besides undertaking the expense of running and repairs.

Those spouts let the ore down from huge bins where it is stored when it first comes down from the mine. The crushers in this one establishment can grind yp 4,000 tons a day, ready for shipment east by Lake steamer. A considerable part of the eastern shipments go to Lake Erie ports and are then transferred to trains for the huge blast furnaces and steel mills of the Ohio Valley region (Pittsburgh, Youngstown, etc.). This giant crusher is getting raw material ready for the biggest of all America's enormous manufacturing industries.

For a sight of miners at work 140 feet below the ground, getting out iron ore, use Stereograph 7947. For the unloading of a Lake steamer, use 7970. For the melting of ore in a blast furnace, 5520. For the shaping of a 90 ft. beam of red-hot steel, 5523.

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