Traffic in the Public Square and Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.

Traffic in Public Square and Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio: We are in the very heart of Cleveland, county seat of Cuyahoga County, and fifth city in size in the United State. From the Public Square before us, with its great Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument and statue of General Cleveland (sic), radiate the principal streets of the east side of the city, and to this Square converge the principal trolley lines. Here begins the famous Euclid Avenue, for some distance occupied by business houses, but farther out a handsome residential district, shaded by elms and maples and lined with palatial private homes surrounded by spacious grounds and gardens. The skyline of the business section of the city is broken by huge skyscrapers and by large department stores. The City Hall, Post Office, Chamber of Commerce and other public buildings, as well as fine hotels which provide every convenience an comfort are nearby. in the residential sections, remote from the roar of traffic, are to be found luxurious apartment houses, handsome churches, numerous parks an gardens and broads, well-lighted, attractive drives. The situation of Cleveland, on the southern shore of Lake Erie, near the iron producing regions of the Great Lakes on the one hand and the oil and coal of Pennsylvania on the other , ahas greatly favored the industrial and commercial development of the city. Some of the leading trunk lines of the railway system on the country pass through Cleveland, and there is an immense lake traffic. Many of the ore docks and lumber yards are almost hidden on the flat land bordering the Cuyahoga river, which empties into the lake.

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