An Air View of Downtown Cleveland -- the Public Square, the Terminal Tower and the Winding Cuyahoga.

The Heart of Downtown Cleveland From The Air: The situation of Cleveland on the shore of Lake Erie, near the iron producing regions of the Great Lakes on the one hand and the oil and coal of Pennsylvania on the other, has greatly favored its industrial and commercial development. From an airplane fourteen hundred feet in the air we are looking down over the very heart of Cleveland. The park-like area in the immediate foreground is its famous Public Square which was laid out by Moses Cleveland (sic) in 1796. The wide street running through the center is Superior Avenue. The dominating structure in the scene beneath us is the tower of the Union Passenger Terminal, one of the finest railway terminals in the world. Here has been developed the nucleus of a small city in an area of about thirty-give acres. The Terminal Building group is a one hundred million dollar development and consists of a bank, a hotel. , a department store, a Medical Arts Building, and a Builders Exchange Building in addition to the Terminal Tower Building. The Tower soars to a height of 708 feet above e the concourse level. In the background is the Cuyahoga River that flows in winding, crooked S's through Cleveland's downtown industrial area before it finds its outlet in Lake Erie. Along the river are situated many of Cleveland's large iron and steel plants as well as many of the docks that accommodate a great share of its lake shipping. Owning to the variation in level of different parts of Cleveland there are several elevated viaducts and many bridges, nearly all municipally owned, that span the Cuyahoga River and unite the different sections of the city. Some of these are seen in the background.

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