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History of The Cleveland Viaduct


For the satisfaction of such of my friends as are not conversant with the history of the Cleveland Viaduct, and who may entertain a just pride in the success of all laudable undertakings by those for whom they feel a friendly regard, and also for those who may wish to secure a record of its history, and being in possession of some facts in relation to it that no other man has any knowledge of, I propose to give a brief account of its origin and progress up to the present time; and in so doing my only aim is to give a true statement of facts and incidents as they occurred, as I trust will doubtless appear evident to the.reader on perusal.

It will be seen by those familiar with the work that the frontispiece, though small, is a fair representation of the structure, and will enable those who never saw it to get a very correct idea of the nature of its construction and general appearance.