Industrial Rayon Corporation: Celebrating a Special Workplace

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Industrial Rayon Awards Addition (March 8, 1929)

Will Provide For New Product; Laboratory For Steel & Tubes Also Let.

By James G. Monnett

Another important industrial contract has been put under way by the George A. Rutherford Co. at the large plant of the Industrial Rayon Corp. at W. 98th Street and Walford Ave. S. W.

This is a new wing which will be used partly for improved processes and partly for education and social facilities for employees, according to H. H. Edmonds, vice president of the Rutherford Co.

The Rutherford contract is for construction of 10,000 square feet of space on plans made by Christian, Schwartzenburg & Gaede, engineers and architects.

Building and equipment will total approximately $200,000 in cost. The construction will provide more space for production of "delustered yarn" which, it is said, resembles silk even more closely than rayon.

New office space for the corporation has just been completed by the Rutherford Co.