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C.I.O Wins Vote at Rayon Plant (May 15, 1942)

The C. I. O. Textile Workers Union of America yesterday won a bargaining election at the Cleveland plant of the Industrial Rayon Corp. a few hours after the National Labor Relation Board had announced a victory for the C. I. O. Steel Workers Organizing Committee in the 15 plants of the American Steel and Wire Company.

The NLRB announced that 678 valid votes were cast at Industrial Rayon out of 758 eligables. The tally was 418 for Textile Workers, 211 for the Rayon Workers, Inc., an unaffiliated group, and 49 for neither.

At the same time, a separate election was held for workers in the power house at Industrial Rayon. Fourteen voted for the International Union of Operating Engineers and the International Union of Oilers and Firemen, both A. F. of L. as bargaining agents while five voted against them.

A bargaining election was scheduled for Thursday and Friday at the Painesville plant of the Industrial Rayon Corp.