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Industrial Rayon War Dead Honored (May 31, 1948)

A monument to 15 employees of the Industrial Rayon Corp. who lost their lives in World War II was dedicated at the company’s plant yesterday by Local 482 of the Textile Workers Union of America. (C. I. O.)

As planes dipped overhead in salute, the mothers of the first two employees lost in action unveiled the monument erected in a grove of trees. The mothers were Mrs. Irwin Baxter and Mrs. Russell Garvin.

Members of the union who were veterans of the last war took part in the parade and formations that preceded the unveiling.

Sam Sponseller, regional C. I. O. director, urged the assemblage "to remember not only the sacrifices of these men we honor today, but also the principles for which they died," and added that it was our task to continue the struggle.

Fred E. Palmer, plant manager, said that, "while those present knew the fallen heroes as brothers, sons, friends or fellow employees, "all of us will remember them as good and brave Americans."

Robert C. Markell, president of Local 482, presided.