Roldo Bartimole: A Modern-Day Muckraker

"Tell the truth and shame the devils." — Roldo Bartimole
Roldo Bartimole at work

Cleveland Magazine called him "the poor man's Tom Paine." John Wicklein in the April 1, 1993 issue of Progressive referred to him as "Cleveland's Gadfly." Whether you consider him to be Cleveland's conscience or "Cleveland's curmudgeon," from 1968 to 2000 iconoclastic journalist, Roldo Bartimole, rocked Cleveland's political boat with his biweekly newsletter, Point of View. Read more about Roldo.


  • Roldo Bartimole: A Biographical Sketch
    Who is Roldo Bartimole? Why is he known as a modern-day muckracker? What is the driving force behind his home-grown newsletter?
  • Point of View
    Read 670 issues of Roldo's biweekly newsletter in their entirety. Published between the years 1968 (v.1) and 2000 (v. 33), this courageous publication examined the power structure in Cleveland, exposing the control of the city's agenda by the weathy to the detriment of its working-class and poor residents.
  • Roldo's columns for the Cleveland Free Times
    519 Cleveland Free Times articles, published between 1992 and 2002.
  • City Club Talk
    Listen to the passionate and poignant speech delivered by Roldo Bartimole to members of the Cleveland City Club back on December 20, 1968. Enjoy the verbal sparing that took place during the Question Period.