The Women's Archive Collection

The Women's Archive Collection is dedicated to promoting access to digital and traditional archival resources in Cleveland that can aid in interpreting Cleveland women's history, and to creating an awareness of the role of women in the development of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.

Digital Collections

Available online.

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Archival Collections

Available in Special Collections at the Michael Schwartz Library at Cleveland State University.

  • Alberta T. Turner Collection (1939-1992)
    The personal and professional papers of Alberta T. Turner; poet, English instructor, and director of the Cleveland State University Poetry Center from 1964-1990. Collection includes journals, artwork, early and unpublished works, books, manuscripts and copies of published works, personal and official correspondences, and records and ephemera relating to academic career as both student and teacher.
  • Betty Klaric Collection (1955-2011)
    The Betty Klaric Collection contains the journalist and lawyer's personal papers, photographs, awards scrapbooks, articles, and other materials related to her work at the Cleveland Press and the Legal Aid Society.
  • Clytean Club Archives (1891-2011)
    This collection contains minutes, officers' reports, multimedia historical documents pertaining to the club, and annual programs.
  • Eliza Bryant Village Collection (1880-2015)
    The Eliza Bryant Village opened in 1897 as the Cleveland Home for Aged Colored People and was the first nonreligious institution sponsored by African Americans in Cleveland. Eliza Bryant, born into slavery in North Carolina but a free resident of Cleveland after 1858, began efforts to establish a home for elderly black women in the city in 1893, with Sarah Green and Lethia Fleming, when she found no facilities available. This collection contains papers, photographs, and ephemera from Eliza Bryant Village and its predecessors, including The Dorcas Home and The Dorcas Society, and The Cleveland Home For Aged Colored People.
  • Janet Beighle French Journalism Collection (1963-1969)
    An archival collection consisting of ten scrapbooks of newspaper clippings written by Janet Beighle French, the Cleveland Plain Dealer's Home Economics/Food Editor from 1963 through 1986. Also included are articles about food, nutrition, and recipes, as well as two containers of 8x10 color negatives of featured food arrangements.
  • Jocelyn Chang and Michael Leese Music Collection (1925-2010)
    An exceptionally rich musical collection representing the lifetime musical accomplishments of harpist, musical innovator, and teacher Jocelyn Chang and her husband, Michael Leese, a flutist, composer, music copyist and recording producer.
  • The Phyllis Benjamin Title IX Collection (1971-1994)
    In addition to containing materials that focus on Title IX passage and implementation and educating against racism and homophobia, the collection also includes materials documenting the history of women's rights.
  • WomenSpace (1974-1995)
    The collection comprises mostly paper documents of various types, photographs, slides, photographic negatives, award and citation plaques, a metal plate, a quilt, various fabric pieces, ribbons, a WomenSpace T-shirt, buttons, stamps, a VHS tape, Audio Reel-to-Reel recording, and audio cassette recordings.