German Americans of Cleveland

Hospitals & Medical Centers

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German Hospital
German Hospital.

Many other agencies were founded as a result of German initiative and hospitals were no exception. Many of these hospitals have religious affiliations:

  • Fairview General Hospital
    Now a part of Cleveland Clinic Health System, Fairview General Hospital was founded in 1892 by a group of ministers and laymen of the Reformed church and was originally known as the Society for the Christian Care of the Sick & Needy, then as the German Hospital. Link to images Link to Press Articles
  • Lutheran Hospital
    Founded by the Evangelical Lutheran Hospital Association in 1896 and originally located in a private residence at Fulton and W. 29th St. that rented for $42/month, Lutheran Hospital admitted 25 patients in its first year. Now located in Ohio City, Lutheran Hospital, which became a part of the Cleveland Clinic Health system in 1997, is a 204-bed acute care facility. Link to images
  • Deaconess Hospital
    Established by the Evangelical Deaconess Society in 1914, Deaconess Hospital can still be found at its original location on Pearl Road, continuing to serve the "Old Brooklyn" community. Link to images
  • St. Michael (formerly St. Alexis) Link to images & St. John Hospitals Link to images
    St. Alexis and St. John were founded by two German Franciscan sisters on July 16, 1884 and on May 15, 1892 respectively. Link to Press Articles

Also, of note, is Altenheim House, a skilled nursing facilty for the elderly. Read more about it in Featured Topics - Altenheim House