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Hungarian Aged Home To Mark 25th Birthday

By Sigrid Arne
Cleveland Press, Jan. 12, 1959

The dancing of the czardas in the ballroom of the Hotel Cleveland on Feb. 1 will raise pleasant echoes far out in Orange Village.

The Hungarian "mixed with modern" will be part of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Hungarian home for the aged run by the Divine Redeemer Order at 4680 Lander Road, Orange Village.

Each year, supporters of the home hold the dance to raise funds to maintain the 34 old people who live there.

The past 25 years have been a triumph of persistence on the part of a changing committee of 50 women, some born in Hungary, and their American-born daughters.

Right now they are headed by Mrs. Joseph F. Balint, 1557 Lewis Drive, Lakewood, and Mrs. Joseph Andrijkovics, 19315 Lake Shore Boulevard, Euclid.

The home started during the depression when several aged Hungarians were in bad straits. The Hungarian colony got them together in a double house on Lamontier Street. The exact address has been forgotten.

Two Come to Cook

Two women moved in to cook, clean, and nurse. They were Helen Molnar Huszanik, 11708 Griffing Avenue S.E. and Mrs. Alex Sary, 9906 Rosehill Avenue S. E.

The women?s committee collected money as best as it could, in the bottom of the depression. Then the members heard of 42 acres for sale for a song near Chagrin Falls. With the help of John Mudri, an attorney, they bought the place and moved their old folks into the old house on the place. Now they have a brick building. And the nuns are specially proud of their little chapel where the old folks gather for prayers every night at 7.

The home includes some unusual individuals. There is tiny Mrs. Rose Esmendy. The records show she's 96, but she insists she's 110.

Self-Appointed Apple Peeler

Mrs. May Paul, 86, has appointed herself the volunteer apple-peeler. The old folks favor apple pie. Mrs. Mary Rubly, 85, is proud of a grandson who is a priest, now studying in Rome. Mrs. Paul has four daughters in various convents, and two are Mothers Superior. She also has a grand-daughter who has joined the Ursulines.

Along with the sound of the Hungarian gypsy orchestra on Feb. 1, there will be coffee and Hungarian pastries. Tickets may be secured through Mrs. Balint or Mrs. Andrijovics.