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Hungarian Young Men's, Ladies' Society Here Has 1020 Members

(Around the World in Cleveland -- No. 95)
By Theodore Andrica
The Cleveland Press, Apr. 29, 1935

The Cleveland Hungarian Young Men's & Ladies Society maintains its own home library at 11213 Buckeye road. The 1020 members meet every first Sunday of the month.

The organization, founded in 1891, has assets exceeding $5,400. It has no religious affiliations. Officers are:
Stephen Kish, 9500 Hillgert drive, president; Louis Kovach, 11718 Griffing avenue, vice president; Sigmund Bendes, 992 Buckeye road, secretary; Peter Demchak, 9813 Parkview road, treasurer. Other officers: Joseph Komjathy, 2802 E. 79th street and Stephen Kusnyer.

To raise funds for the maintenance of the society's home, the Ladies Auxiliary of the Cleveland Hungarian Young Men's and Ladies' Society offers annual plays and entertainments.

Founded in 1909, the auxiliary with a membership of 370, meets every second Sunday of the month at 11213 Buckeye Road. Offices are:
Mrs. Anna Kara, 3219 E. 130th street, president; Mrs. Rose Ungvary, 2822 E. 125th street, vice president; Mrs. Elizabeth Lukacs, 2825 E. 127th street, secretary; Mrs. Ella Jurias, 12007 Parkview avenue, treasurer; Mrs. Mary Giczei and Mrs. Mary Baksi, trustees; Mrs. Margaret Megulesz and Mrs. Elizabeth Nagy, auditors; Mrs. Elizabeth Hujt, sergeant-at-arms; Mrs. Elis Csampisz, flag bearer; Mrs. Mary Ladd, 11213 Buckeye Road, caretaker.

The youngest group of the society is the Unity Club founded in 1929. Its 130 members are active in cultural work. The organization meets every second Wednesday at 11213 Buckeye Road. Present officers are:
Mrs. Elizabeth Kozsar, 2951 E. 123d street, president; Mrs. Betty Harris, 9819 Elwell avenue, secretary; Mrs. Mary Ladd, 11213 Buckeye Road, financial secretary; Mrs. Elizabeth Pirosko, 9817 Rosehill avenue. Mrs. Mary Giczei, 12110 Foust avenue, trustee; Mrs. Mary Szaszfay, 1813 E. 127th Street auditor. Charter members: Mrs. Anna Kara, Mrs. Margaret Megules, Mrs. Wilma Kovacs, Mrs. Mary Ladd.

The Cleveland West Side Hungarian Young Men's Sick Benefit Society, founded in 1913, has a membership of 465. Its meetings are held every second Thursday of the month in the Concord Home, 4153 Lorain avenue.

Besides paying $6 weekly sick benefits and $200 death benefits the society gives financial aid to its needy members.

First officers of the organization were Joseph Kovacs, president, and Joseph Balogh, secretary. Present offices are:
Andrew Kovacs, 1782 W. 50th street, President; Vincent Egyhazi, vice president; Stephen Kassay, 1943 W. 48th street, secretary; Frank Papp, treasurer; Joseph Nemeth, secretary; Charles Ambrus, custodian. Trustees: Dezo Kovi, Paul Bella, Martin Visi. Emery Csekey, Louis Bognar and Emery Juhasz.

The ladies' branch of the Cleveland West Side Hungarian Young Men's Sick Benefit Society was funded in 1925 by Joseph Herczeg and Loius Bognar.

The organization, comprising more than 200 members, meets every third Thursday of the month in the Cocord Home, 4153 Lorain Avenue. Officers are:
Andrew Kovacs, 1782 W. 50th street, president; Mrs. John Szanyi, vice president; Louis Bognar, 4200 Whitman Avenue, secretary; Emery Csekey, treasurer; Mrs. Stephen Bertalan, secretary. Alex Reinard, first past president, and Steve Csaszar, first secretary. Trustees are: Mrs. George Horvath, Joseph Kaman, Mrs. John Toth. Charles Boros, Mrs. Andrew Varga, Margaret Balogh.