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St. Margaret's Forms a Senate

Holy Name Society, Oct. 9 1967

The Rev. John B. Mundweill (sic), pastor of St. Margaret of Hungary Parish, yesterday initiated the formation of scene for his parish.

Such senates or councils are urged by the Decree on the Laity, approved by Vatican Council II, and Pope Paul VI in a recent encyclical.

Father Mundweill (sic) said the senate will consist of all members of the Holy Name Society of the parish. It is believed that St. Margaret's is the first parish in the Cleveland Catholic diocese to use the Holy Name Society as the basis for such a senate.

IT IS designed to bring better understanding of the meaning and operation of the parish to the laity and to encourage more active participation.

Five committees will be formed through the society's executive board with the approval of the spiritual director, and assistant pastor, the Rev. Joseph Varga.

THE COMMITTEES will be spiritual and liturgical, educational, financial, maintenance and social activities and reaction. The committees will meet with parishioners and discuss any suggestions made. Proposals will be offered to the senate for approval and those approved will be given to Father Mundweill (sic) for final decision.

Only members of the Holy Name Society, an all-male group, will have voting power. The women of the parish will have no opportunity to vote on any proposals.