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Thousands Rally At St. Elizabeth's

Plain Dealer, SEP 19 1932

Join in Festival to Raise Funds; marchers Parade in Costume

Several thousand members of St. Elizabeth's Catholic congregation assembled on the parish grounds, Buckeye Road S.E. and E. 91st Street, yesterday to participate in the annual fall festival for the financial benefit of the parish.

Three hundred of the parish school children dressed in Hungarian costume, St. Stephen's uniformed society, and a number of adult members of the congregation marched in the immediate vicinity of the church shortly after 2 p.m.

Children from 6 to 16 gave a program of folk dancing. Games were carried on during the afternoon and in the evening moving pictures were shown.

Clusters of grapes and other fruit tied to strings stretched across the yard afforded an unusual method of increasing the receipts. Those attending were challenged to reach for a bunch of grapes or a pear. When these were obtained the persons were taken before a "justice" and fined whatever the official chose to assess them.