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2d Workshop Opens for Retarded Youths

A Catholic priest has opened Cleveland's second workshop mentally retarded youths.

Eight boys and three girls are enrolled in the workshop which is in the basement of St. Emeric School, 1904 W. 22nd St.

Rev. Fr. John Mundwell (sic), pastor of the parish, said another church building will be put into use next spring and the enrollment will be increased to 50. He is taking applications now from parents.

Three Year Old

Three years ago, when the moving of families form the neighborhood had reduced the school's enrollment to 10 pupils, the church school was turned over to the education of mentally retarded children.

The sisters of St. Joseph Marymount are conducting classes for 60 pupils, both Catholic and non-Catholic.

The workshop, which he began this fall, is intended to continue training for older youths, Fr. Mundweil said. Projects which the youths are working on now include making wreaths for florists and making potholders.

Ages 1 to 21

Mentally retarded youths of all religions and races may attend the workshop. It is for those between the ages of 15 to 21.

The monthly fee is $20. Youths are paid wages which average about $2 weekly from the sale of items they make.

The city's only other workshop for the retarded is the Circle Workshop, 7115 Woodland Ave.