Cleveland's First Infrastructure:
The Ohio & Erie Canal


    This digital exhibit, created, sponsored, and first presented on Cleveland Memory in 1999 by the Michael Schwartz Library at Cleveland State Unversity, was made possible through the support and assistance of many individuals and organizations from all over Ohio:

    a view on the Ohio canal, postcard, 1911
    "A View on the Ohio Canal", postcard, 1911.

    Soren Hansen, P.E. of the Cleveland Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers, obtained a grant from the State Public Affairs Grant Committee of the national ASCE for preparing this digital exhibit.

    Lucy Ireland Weller, Ohio Representative to George Washington's Mt. Vernon, provided encouragement for this project, particularly Section I: Discussing a Passage, which explores the visionary role of engineer and surveyor George Washington in the later development of a passage between Lake Erie and the Ohio River.

    Barbara McMillan librarian at George Washington's Mount Vernon assisted with research into images relating to George Washington as surveyor and engineer.

    Maureen Farrell of the Cleveland Public Library Maps Collection shared her time, expertise, and encouragement for this project.

    Amy Dawson of the Cleveland Public Library Photography Collection prepared digital images for this project.

    Jack Gieck, photographer and author, permitted us to reproduce images from his original work, A Photo Album of Ohio's Canal Era 1825-1913, and offered encouragement for this exhibit.

    Dr. John T. Hubbell, Director of the Kent State University Press, provided institutional permission for the reproduction of photographs in Jack Gieck's Photo Album.

    Sam Tamburro, Historian with the Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area, allowed us to digitize his bibliography, The Ohio & Erie Canal: Including Other Major Canals of the Early Republic, funded under a grant from the Urban University Project and the Department of History at the University of Akron.

    Dr. Lynn MetzgerUniversity of Akron, arranged institutional permission for the use of Sam Tamburro's Bibliography.

    Richard Morgan provided historical material from the Morgan Library of Ohio Imprints.

    Dr. Skip Brausch President of the Canal Society of Ohio allowed us to reproduce images from the Canal Society of Ohio collection, provided information about the activities of the organization, and offered encouragement for this work.

    John V. Miller, Director of Archival Services at the University of Akron Library for granting permission to use images held in their collection.

    Frank W. Trevorrow permitted us to reproduce photographs for this exhibit.

    Jeff Winstel, AICP, of the Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area provided permission to reproduce images from the organization's collection, and shared an original report and photograph with us.

    Meha Shah, of the Roscoe Village Foundation, permitted us to reproduce photographs from the Foundation's collection, and provided information about Roscoe Village.

    Paula Moran and Elinor Cooper of the Summit County Historical Society gave permission to reproduce photographs from the society's collection.

    Steven Coles and Emily Wilson of the Cleveland Metroparks shared information about the Metroparks' Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation, and gave permission to reproduce a photograph.

    Professor Art DeMatteo of Cleveland State University's History Department shared information about the canal and about canal parks and attractions, as well as allowing us to reproduce original photographs for this exhibit.

    Dr. Robert WheelerCleveland State University Department of History, for assistance with research.

    Dr. Gladys HaddadCase Western Reserve University Department of American Studies, suggested sources for Section I, Discussing a Passage.

    Claudia Burdge of the City of Akron Department of Planning and Urban Development helped with research about canal-related organizations.

    Glenn Guzzo of the Akron Beacon Journal provided assistance with research.


    Jeanne Figueira Grossetti, Project Director

    Jonathan Hodges, Original Site Designer

    Jonetha Jackson, Production Specialist

    Tanya Tahsler, Production Specialist

General support and guidence were provided by William C. BarrowWilliam BeckerPam Eyerdam and the administration of the Cleveland State University Library.