Feeding Cleveland: Urban Agriculture


Carolyn L. Hufford *, Librarian and Master Gardener:

This collection, Feeding Cleveland: Urban Agriculture is dedicated to the urban gardeners and farmers of Cleveland, Ohio past, present, and future. It is the first in a series of collections to be created under the theme, "Feeding Cleveland." It would not have been possible without the collaborative efforts of many individuals and organizations Here is a list of the collaborating organizations and individuals for Feeding Cleveland: Urban Agriculture. Cleveland State University: William Barrow, Lynn Duchez-Bycko, Barbara Strauss, Joanne Cornelius, Kiffany Francis, Glenda Thornton, Diane Kolosionek, Lauren Felder, Peter McDermott, Whitney Foster, Samantha Gardiner, Vern Morrison, William Becker, Chris Huhnke, and Andrew Cole; Ohio State University, Wooster: Dr. Jack Kerrigan: Ohio State University Extension, Cuyahoga County: Marie Barni, Michael Loos, Morgan Taggart, Nicole Wright, Julia Barton, and Tiffany Walker; OSU Master Gardeners: Maria Hoffman, Dr. Shirley Badger, Millie Pfaller, Vivian Soltes, Greg Cada, Lois Rose, and Barbara McGinty; Cuyahoga County Department of Health: Martha Halko and Annie Stahlheber;  Kent State University School of Library Science: Kathryn Houk and David Suster; Community Gardeners: Sandra N. Hendrix; New Agrarian Center: Brad Masi; Special Thanks: Scott N. Hendrix, Joseph Yanks, and Thomas Yanks. Photographers: Louis Van Oeyen, Bernie Noble, Walter Kneal, James Thomas, and the Cleveland Public Schools staff.

*Feeding Cleveland:Urban Agriculture is the project of CMP volunteer, Carolyn L. Hufford.